Frequently asked questions


Do we have cartridges?
We can provide cartridges at a charge.

Can we arrange Guns?
We have great relationships with some of the best gun makers and are able to arrange gun hire at a charge. Please enquire for more details.

Do we have loaders?
Mentoring is available on request by experienced loaders at an additional cost of £60.00 per loader.

Can we provide for those without any experience?
Experienced and inexperienced guns are welcome and we can provide a loader or arrange a trainer for the day (at an additional cost). We also give you the option to train with one of our coaches on clays before you embark on your shoot.


How does day run?
See our section ‘On the day’ for a typical day’s shoot at Heveningham Hall.

Can we have lunch at the end of the day?
Yes, a country-style lunch is served in the 18th-century stable courtyard tearoom at Heveningham Hall.


Do we need to provide transport on the day to the drives?
No, we provide a gun bus, which will take you to and from Heveningham Hall and around the different drives.

Do we need to bring licences?
Yes you will need to bring your license.

Do we get elevenses?
Yes, elevenses are served either at the bridge overlooking the lake or at Temple

Are we given birds at the end of the day?
Yes, we offer a brace of either Partridge or Pheasant to each gun.


Do you offer overnight accommodation?
Yes, you can choose to stay in our grand Manor house Sibton Park or in our Heveningham Hall shooting lodge.

Can overseas clients be catered for?
Overseas clients can be fully catered for and have the option to stay in our grand Manor house Sibton Park or in our Heveningham Hall shooting lodge during the duration of the shoot. Chefs and housekeeping is included in price.  Please enquire for more details.


Do you have deer stalking on the Estate?
Yes, deer stalking is also available on the wider estate with Roe deer, Red deer, Fallow deer, Chinese water deer and Munkjack deer. Ideal for smaller groups. Price upon request.


Do you provide duck flighting?
We have a variety of flight ponds on the estate with duck flighting available as an addition to your shooting at Heveningham Hall. Price upon request.


Can I bring my gun dog?
Yes, gun dogs are welcome. There is a kennel if you are staying overnight in the Heveningham Hall Shooting Lodges and dogs are also allowed in the Manor house. 

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