The Shoot

The Drives


























The drives are skilfully designed to challenge the most talented shots
- and offer a sporting change to less experienced guns.

Easy access to pegs, challenging birds and rolling countryside makes for a wide variety of fantastic drives.
This combined with a friendly relaxed atmosphere makes the Heveningham Hall shoot
one of the top shoots in the country.


Signature Drives

Three-Cocked-Hat Drive

This pheasant drive is set in the ancient rolling parkland of Sibton Park with the birds being driven over the guns from one wood to the other offering challenging shooting.

Boundary Drive

Situated in the rolling pastoral Suffolk land on the western side of the estate this drive provides excellent high birds. The nature of this classic partridge drive allows guns to see the whole line making for a challenging drive.

Temple Drive

Set in the middle of ancient woodland, this drive offers pheasants, partridge and duck which fly through the woods offering even the most experienced guns exhilarating sporting shooting.

Triangle Drive

Set overlooking the old Suffolk village of Cookley, the guns are placed either side of the hedge with a backdrop of the North Wood. This sets the scene for some excellent high partridges and pheasants over all the guns as the birds head back to the woodland.

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