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The pheasant is often seen as the cornerstone of British shooting and Heveningham Hall offers some of the best pheasant shooting in the country.


The pheasant shooting season in the UK runs 1st  October to 1st  February and England is well renowned for some of the most spectacular pheasant shooting.

Both our walked up pheasant shooting days and driven pheasant shooting days at Heveningham Hall provides excellent sport and high pheasant shooting offers guns a real challenge. The pheasant has come to be regarded as an indigenous bird species providing excellent shooting days for both the experiences and novice.

Native to Asia and the extreme south-eastern tip of Europe, the pheasant has been widely introduced across Europe and Britain. Found in woodland, field margins and open farmland they provide sport for many day’s shooting. With 120 hectares of game crop, conservation is an important part of the Heveningham Hall estate managing habitats that enrich other wildlife species and the countryside in general.

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